Chantelie Something Wicked This Way Comes

(F6)1/30/2012 Why did the author choose them? What do they add to the story? Why did you notice them? The author probably choose these words or phrases, e.t.c. Maybe because they add more to the story. They "show" more, they're descriptive. What do they add to the story? Well in my case they add more "feeling", they add more action in the story. The reason why I noticed them was because some phrases or words I don't hear them a lot. Also I noticed them because they go right in with what is happening in the moment, as in for example: In a particular novel, there may be a person who it's just about to die. OK, using a key word or phrase/detail might be interesting and goes right in with the purpose of why it might have happened or why was it said...It leaves a purpose for, maybe for the reader to get an idea, maybe inference and keep reading.

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