I Am Number Four

By Pittacus Lore

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_robint I Am Number Four

Sad to Say. liked the cover, weak book and suspect the movie made from it was about the same since never heard anyone talk about it. However light reading and tend to usually like to finish reading something I started. If I had been 14 at the time of reading it, probably would have seemed better.

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Phillipe Nodjo I Am Number Four

I finished this book and at the end it was brutal but sorrowfull.The protagonist at last faces the aliens(magadorians),After the appearence of number six.Later on that nght his father came to the school looking for the protagonist but latter found him.The protagonist and his clues were triying a way to get out from the school but there was no way and the most craziest thing is that the aliens destroy every cars that was in front of the school.The only choice the protagonistt had was to fight them.After they went out to fight saw that the aliens are out-numbered so they decided to run back to the school.The protagonist change his mind and told his girlfriend to go and hide.So after hours the fight was going on the protagonist fought with everything he got and was exausted.Now is what i didn't get in the book how the protagonist was able to talk to his dog.Then the dog told the protagonist to run away but the protagonist couldn't get up, and see the weirdest thing the protagonist has ever seen in his life.The little dog in his house changed into a huge dog.The alien was three times the dog, despite how big the protagonist dog was he was able to save the protagonist by taking down the alien scout.Now see the pitifull part of the story after a long battle of their life the protagonist father was dead.The protagonist was the cause of all those things if he should have run away until his legacies are fulfill then he would have be able to fight better, and could even would have save his dad from diying.This is the end of the book i wish there was a next part because it didn't end well.

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Phillipe Nodjo finished reading I Am Number Four


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Phillipe Nodjo I Am Number Four

This book is killing me.The protagonist was invited to a party by the guy who use to threaten him in school.The protagonist decided to go to the party with his girlfriend.The party was fun.Later in the party the protagonist couldn't see his girlfriend, so he decided to ask his friend whether he saw his girlfriend but he said no he have no idea where she went.So after a couple of minute, there came a noice from the basement saying there was a fire in the basement so no one took it seriously until it reaches the first floor where the protagonist was.So everybody got out of the house ecept his girlfriend who he didn't know where she was.This is where everything began from the book, the protagonist went at the back of the house and he break in the house and went searching for his girlfriend.After finding her now tthere was no way to go back so he decided to jump throught the house with his girlfriend and with the guy who is house is burning dog and got out of the house.wow.Before the protagonist was going to rescue the girl he told the guy that he should call 911.So when the protagonist got out from the house his cloth were burnt and he got cut on different part of his body, so he decided to go the guy who came to the party with cars, to take one of them cloth and put on.So after he found the cloth he decided to come back to the party with his girlfriend.The protagonist was stupid going to that party because it removed his identity that he is not a human.WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE PROTAGONIST?

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