By Toni Morrison

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Beth Heim de Bera Mercy

I want to read this again. As usual, Morrison left me with a lot to think about. In the end, she plays with many levels of disempowerment, and we are left with the question about what is "mercy."

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Joshua Neds-Fox Mercy

"...I am... a minion with no telltale signs but a darkness I am born with, outside, yes, but inside as well and the inside dark is small, feathered and toothy. Is that what my mother knows? Why she chooses me to live without? Not the outside dark we share, a minha mãe and me, but the inside one we don't. Is the dying mine alone? Is the clawing feathery thing the only life in me?"

Heartbreaking articulation of the hardness inside the abandoned child.

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