The Futurist

The Life and Films of James Cameron

By Rebecca Keegan

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Michael Heilemann The Futurist

Not quite done yet, but it's more a listing of things that are mostly obtainable from the various DVD extras, with very little spice thrown in. Not too exciting a read to be quite honest; a bit too glossy. But then I had been expecting 'Skywalking', but for Cameron.

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Dave Glanz The Futurist

"The Futurist" confirms my suspicion: James Cameron is the Howard Hughes of our generation, minus the mental illness.

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Dave Glanz The Futurist

My favorite story from "The Futurist" so far takes place during the 1988 filming of "The Abyss."

James Cameron is directing a scene underwater wearing a helmet. He runs out of oxygen, so he takes off the helmet and swims toward the surface. A diver grabs Cameron, and forces him to use a broken oxygen tank, then gets PUNCHED IN THE FACE by Cameron. The diver is fired that day, while Cameron goes right back down below water to continue filming.

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You can stop reading now; there will never be anything published that will top this.