New Moon Collector's Edition

By Stephenie Meyer

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alykourouma123 New Moon

(F1)-5 Bella is very weak in this book and totally tarnished the reputation of women and in my opinion she acts kind of like a slut. When Edward leaves leaves in my opinion she acts like a person with no life like me when nobody is in the house. I think what will happen is that if Belle leaves Jacobs, in my opinion the book will become interesting.

The arguriment that I have with writer is that how do he knows what can happen to Bella when she leaves Jacobs and what will happen when Edward leaves her. I have a argue with my brother and the writer and my brother opinion is that he says that Belle can live with out Edward she can live by her self with a better life. The writer says that when Edward leaves she starts to be falling down and screaming, and weak.

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djeneba New Moon

(2)Right now Bella I don't understand what Bella wants from Edward .Right now Bella and Alice are Volutri I want to known what happens next in Twilight if Bella get grounded,gets back together with Edward or Will Jacob will forgive Bella and be friends again .

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Fatoumata J read 30 pages in New Moon


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djeneba read 109 pages in New Moon


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djeneba read 135 pages in New Moon


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djeneba read 215 pages in New Moon


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djeneba New Moon

(2)The beginning is really good .Bella turns 18 .Bella doesn't want any presents.I don't know why but she doesn't want any.But when she goes to Edward's house she goes to the living room she finds out that they planned a surprised party for her.Bella happy about the presents.

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djeneba read 21 pages in New Moon


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Atira Meade New Moon

The ending was not what I expected and I didn't really like it that much. But the way it was phrased made it sound better than it really was. I am happy for Bella because she get's Edward back. But she feels betrayed about Jacob because that was her friend. In my opinion I liked it because it added a twist to the story and made you want to read more. But I felt upset with Jacob. Bella also wants to be with Edward forever which leads her to a choice, a big choice. I like that, and if I was in her position I might have done the same thing. But Bella is kind of baffling so she might change her mind. My opinion is that this book is really intriguing and interesting, it has mystery, twists, action, and adventure and that is why I would recommend this for someone to read.

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