Vector Prime

By R.A. Salvatore

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Michael K Vector Prime

"But to Han Solo the galaxy suddenly seemed a more dangerous place, by far."

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Michael K Vector Prime

Vector Prime is such a great sci-fi book that I just can’t wait to read the other 18 books in The New Jedi Order series. I wish I had read this five years ago; perhaps I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much because of my disinterest in reading. Either way, I enjoy it so much now.

Not as long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the book follows the classic Star Wars characters on their quest to fight a newly discovered enemy. In fact, a large portion of the first book, Vector Prime, is an introduction and learning experience about the new alien enemy. Although the major plot is only slightly established in Vector Prime, the various alien encounters and battle scenes are full of fantastic writing.

Having our (a Star Wars fans) perspective on the older, and perhaps wiser character from the first trilogy brings a bit more excitement into the book. Han and Lea are now married and have three children. Luke is also married to Mara Jade, an excellent pilot and Jedi Knight. And, yes, even Lando has a substantial role in Vector Prime.

R. A. Salvatore’s writing style is like a favorite meal, easy to open up and dive right into. Not overly wordy, but descriptive where it counts. You just have to read it if you’re a Star Wars fan, or just casually interested.

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