The Anti-Christ, Ecce Homo, Twilight of the Idols: And Other Writings

By Friedrich Nietzsche

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Yonina The Gay Science

I've read sections of this before, but this will be the first time all the way through. The introduction to this edition is really great, very thorough but not dry. Nietzsche's own Preface (added with the second edition, 5 years after the 1st edition was published lacking the 5th section, etc), plus his "German Rhymes," are absolutely manic and really unsettling, given the tone of Human, All Too Human, which preceded this book. How much is biographical, and how much is just a development in thinking (I'm thinking of his disastrous falling-out with Paul Ree and Lou Salome)? Or was it really the period of terrible illness that caused him to leave his teaching position, that has produced this new, glittering and manic Nietzsche? I feel as if I slightly know how he feels, from this preface, and it's not a state of mind I find entirely reliable, or lucid, or pleasant. Where is the previous cooling breeze? This is, instead, red hot.

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