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By Adam Rapp

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Stephen Hebert Nocturne

A really impressive piece of writing. In spite of the often depressing subject, the narrator hooks you in with the language, with the description of real things that all have a sort of cumulative effect — everything works to build the grief.

I particularly love the narrator's escape to New York. Finding solace or distraction in literature, constructing a world for himself out of old books, then building his own version of that world out of words, only to find that he is impotent and unable to truly love and connect with anyone, including the red-headed girl with the gray-green eyes.

However, because I am no director, I wonder: How does one go about staging this? It is ambitious to be sure. You're asking one actor to sustain a story for 80 pages. In some ways, it's less theater and more staged reading of a novella. To try and pull this off would be pretty darn ambitious...

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