I, Lucifer

Finally, the Other Side of the Story


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Ciqala Burt I, Lucifer

I really enjoyed this book. Glen Duncan did a great job of channeling Satan in his writing, not the sulphur and brimstone, horns and pitchfork devil though, more of the peter cook in bedazzled kind of dark lord.

The flow of the text however is often quite disjointed as the devil seems to suffer from some kind of attention defecit disorder and changes the subject more often than a politician being quizzed on his expenses (that was his doing by the way), so I'd recommend careful reading otherwise some of the speedier readers may find they occassionally need to backtrack a paragraph or two because they missed the seque into another of the Devil's many asides and are wondering how the story switched to nazi germany for example.

All that said though it's a fun story and this is a book I'd recommend to my friends, a small warning to those of delicate sensibilities though it can be extremely coarse in some places but then again he is the Devil.

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Christian Perfect I, Lucifer

I found this far too incredibly tediously uninteresting to continue past the first couple of chapters.

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