Left to Tell

Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust

By Immaculee Ilibagiza

shila bayor Left to Tell

This book is really shoking.I borrowed it from my 7th grade english teacher and I highly recommend it.it`s a story about a women affected by the tenssions between two tribes (The Hutu and the Tutsi).The writer says that growing up she did not knew that there was any differences between her and her best friend which happen to be of another tribe.People were killing each other and even at school she was not safe.There was no place to hide and no one to thrust.She had to hide in a tiny bathroon with seven other womens for 91 days.People would come check in houses every day and if there were tutsi they would kill them.Through the event her mom and dad,uncle and younger brother died.The only one in her fammily she has left is her older brother,who was not in rwanda at the moment.In the book no matter what she beleived in god and kept praying .By reading this book I learned what once happened in Rwanda.One of the saddest book I read.

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