The Lions of Lucerne

By Brad Thor

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Jeff Adams The Lions of Lucerne

A ridiculously clumsy attempt at a genre Tom Clancy defined all too well. The hero Scott, former Navy Seal and current Secret Service agent, finds himself in situations that only amateurs would be caught. For instance, Scott has a simple tripwire that will indicate to him if someone has been in his apartment. Even though he sees that it has been tripped Scott enters his apartment, is caught by surprise, and is summarily beaten by the intruder. This is only one example in which EVERY case in the book that Scott and his partner have an undeniable element of surprise they are caught unawares. So much for being an expert in covert operations.

As icing on the cake, at the end of the book the President of the U.S. orders an assassination of a wealthy industrialist and we are supposed to be okay with that. It only makes the heroes of the book look no better than the criminals.

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