E-Myth Revisited, The


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Brian Sun E-Myth Revisited, The

Throughout the book you wonder if Gerber thinks a little too highly of himself.

Regardless, the book solidifies the idea of not building a business around yourself. Especially if you want it to last after you're gone.

An essential read for anyone before they get started in business.

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Andrew Wilkinson E-Myth Revisited, The

Despite introducing some solid business practices - like documenting processes for new employees and focusing on building an efficient workflow that can be duplicated and scaled - I found Gerber's writing style to be incredibly patronizing and long-winded. He repeats the same ideas over and over throughout the book, and it's filled with anecdotes, all of which seem to be praising his brilliance ("Clara looked at me with tear soaked eyes and said 'Bless you'"). He definitely makes some good points - this book is worth reading - but it should really be skimmed, there's lots of unnecessary bloat.

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