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The Rational Optimist

This is an exraordinairly good book.

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Church & State II

It's kind of scary how brilliant is Dave Sim.

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The Lost Symbol

Three times now, Dan Brown has managed to string together plots so compelling that they've dragged me through 500 pages of the clumsiest, most awkward dialogue this side of a 7th grade creative writing class. It might very well be the greatest tragedy of modern literature that an author so widely read is so fundamentally bad at writing.

Readers of this book should strongly consider doing it with a cold beer in hand: drink every time he begins a chapter with the word "the." Drink every time he brings a character back into a plot with full name and title, just in case we dense readers couldn't keep 'em all straight. Drink every time the villain says something so lame that it makes Snidely Whiplash look menacing. Drink every time you're eyes instinctively hit their upper lids after reading a particularly tortured metaphor or unnecessarily intricate description.

I read him, but I hate him for not letting me stop.

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So so true! Apart from having read a lot, I don´t know much about writing. But if I ever decide to write a book I will simply end every chapter with a cliffhanger. Seems to work very well. You might think that a pattern of always having an antagonist who is someone you did not expect might get lame, but no people still read it. Even if it gehts more and more obvious who the villain is.


Eating the Dinosaur

If you stare long enough at anything, you will start to see similarities. The word coincidence exists in order to stop people from seeing meaning where none exists.

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If you're scoring at home...it took Dent 7 pages to work in an unnecessary referecd to Bear Bryant and the Junction practices to this book that is nominally about Notre Dame. as far as I can tell there is no convenient mail-order coupon in the back to purchase a copy of the Junction Boys, his book on the subject.

looking forward to mocking the first reference to monsters of the midway.

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Bottom of the Ninth

The wonderful thing about visionaries is the clarity with which the future appears to them. They imagine it and pursue it and all the rest is in service of realizing the dream.

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The Fabric of the Cosmos

God, this book is kicking my ass.

I will NOT bend to it's will. I am going to finish this mother...

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Yeah. That will happen with this one.


The Fabric of Reality

...the 'angel' theory of planetary motion is untestable because no matter how planets moved, that motion could be attributed to angels; therefor the angel theory cannot explain the particular motions that we see, unless it is supplemented by an independant theory of how angels move.

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The Berlin Wall

This book is so poorly written as to be almost unreadable. Great content, great story, AWFUL writing.

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Hesburgh's Notre Dame Triumph in Transition

On April 29, 1964, just a week before the election, [George] Wallace spoke at Notre Dame. He was invited by a student political science organization, ostensibly to discuss states' rights. his appearance provoked a storm of controversy among students who at last found both an outlet for their frustrations and an opportunity to demonstrate their convictions.

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